Bridge the gap for unbanked users to access financial services – Orga Systems launches new Mobile Money System

Simple usage, high security and outstanding availability
As mobile money services offer the most convenient alternative to existing traditional payments systems worldwide, this is a huge revenue stream for Mobile Network Operators. Orga Systems’ MMS ensures simple usage, security and availability, while boosting customer retention and revenue growth. In addition, it creates excellent end-user experiences through attractive services like:

– Deposit cash into a mobile account
– Cash out from an MMS salesperson
– Send mobile money to other mobile money accounts
– Pay bills (e.g. health care)
– Pay for goods from the MMS account
– Recharge prepaid airtime accounts

Flexible system based on great experience
Compared to most mCom vendors, Orga Systems has the greatest experience in the telecommunications industry and the greatest project delivery experience as well as resources. Leading Analysts underline that Orga Systems’ success is based on the delivery of flexible and configurable systems that support change in business strategy quickly -measured in hours or days and not weeks or months.

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